Heavy Bus Recovery Service Dubai

Car recovery service Dubai is one of Dubai’s best towing, recovery, and specialized transportation companies. We are committed to providing efficient heavy recovery service at an affordable price to our customers throughout Dubai.

Competitive Prices, Quick Delivery, and High Precision

You can receive a quote or ask general inquiries about our commercial recovery services by calling or using our online form. 

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What Recovery Services Are We Providing

We provide the most reliable towing service and facilities in Al Qouz Dubai. With our extensive line of trucks in our fleet, we can meet the needs of transportation from the simplest job to the most difficult. With years of experience, you can expect the best from us.

bus Towing service dubai

Heavy Bus Towing Services

When you have a bus breakdown in any accident, Our Bus towing services will help you.

We can tow cars, heavy-duty buses, and pickup trucks, as our all towing units are best for towing any heavy vehicle.

Our units have proper staff and tools for winching out and recovering vehicles.

Our medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles can easily tow any RV or bus, as well as bigger vans. They are also capable of winching out bigger items.

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Car Recovery Dubai

Single Deck Trailering in Dubai

We are also using auto transport trailers to transport specialty vehicles.

They can also be used to pull two automobiles simultaneously and compact forklifts, scissor lifts, and other equipment.

Tandem trucks have come a long way since their inception. They are used for towing and recovering large vehicles, including semi-trucks and dump trucks.

They are also used for highway bus recovery and other difficult tasks in Dubai. 

bus recovery service in dubai

Hire Us for Reliable Heavy Bus Recovery & Towing Service in Dubai

This is and will always be the case at Car Repair Service Dubai, where we believe in delivering quality repairs for our customers’ buses. We are the top bus repair facility in Dubai because we never compromise on quality and are always aware that our families and friends could have to travel once on our client buses.

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