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Get  reliable car window tinting services in Dubai by our expert technicians at your doorstep that complement with the UAE law. Save 20%.

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Professional Car Window Tinting Service in Dubai

Get professional car window tinting in Dubai. Our experts offer quality tinting services for all vehicle types. Enhance privacy, protect from UV rays, and improve the aesthetic appeal of your car. Affordable prices and exceptional customer satisfaction. Visit us today!

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Why Should You Get Your Car Window Tinted?

Most people usually wonder why they should get their car tinted when it is illegal if it exceeds the limit in Dubai. Well, there are a lot of other purposes for which you should get the windows tinted from Car Recovery Service Dubai.

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Protection From the UV Rays

This tinting film protects against the harmful UV rays coming from the sun and doesn’t enter your car interior.

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Adds Some Aesthetics

After acquiring our high-end car tinting services, your vehicle will start giving out an expensive look, instantly, for sure.

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Get 3M Car Window Tint At Your Place

Our high-performance 3M window tinting offers excellent durability and reduces infrared heat waves by up to 95%, while blocking 99% of harmful UV rays. Protect your skin from darkening and premature aging. Experience the added safety of reduced glare while driving at night, enhancing visibility and boosting confidence on the road.

Don’t let harsh lights distract or disorient you. Choose our window tinting service for a safer driving experience. Contact us for window tinting at your home. Stay safe and prevent accidents.

Advantages of Car Window Tinting in Dubai

Car window tinting in Dubai offers numerous advantages for vehicle owners. Firstly, it helps reduce sun glare, making it easier and safer to drive in bright sunlight. The tinted film acts as a shield, reducing the intensity of sunlight that enters the car and minimizing eye strain.

Additionally, window tinting enhances privacy by reducing visibility from the outside, ensuring a more comfortable and secure driving experience. Another benefit is the reduction of glare at night, which improves visibility and minimizes the risk of accidents caused by blinding lights.

Moreover, car window tinting provides an added layer of protection in the event of an accident, as it helps hold shattered glass together, reducing the risk of injuries from flying glass shards.

Best Car window tinting Dubai

Featured Car Tinting Services We Provide


Crystalline film excels at blocking approximately 99.9% of UV rays and 97% of infrared rays, making it an exceptional option for both protection and comfort.


PET provides thermal insulation, filters out UV rays, and reduces excessive sun heat exposure, preventing skin diseases.


Dyed film absorbs heat and dissipates it within the vehicle, making it a cost-effective option.


Hybrid film combines reflective dyes and metals, offering complexity and versatility but ensures privacy, blocks UV rays and heat.


Ceramic window tint blocks 50% of solar heat and 99% of UV rays. Its resist fading and prevent glass discoloration.

3M Window Tint

3M window tinting service provide superior UV protection and enhanced privacy for your vehicle.

Legal Car Window Tint Percentage in UAE

Legal Car Window Tint in UAE

How To Acquire Our Auto Tinting Services?

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Our Auto Glass Tinting Will Last Long

we make sure that the tint on your car windows will stay looking great for a very long time. We use high-quality materials that are designed to resist fading and peeling, even in the strong sunlight of Dubai.

Our experienced professionals apply the tint carefully and precisely, so you can trust that it will stay in place.

Hire Us For Your Car Tinting At Your Location

You are welcome to our showroom for window tinting services, or you can ask us to arrive at your desired location and get your car tinted perfectly.

What Make Our Services Unique in Dubai

When it comes to car window tinting services in Dubai, we pride ourselves on being the best in the business. Our expertise and commitment to excellence set us apart as the top provider in the industry. With a team of skilled professionals, we deliver exceptional results that exceed customer expectations.

We offer a wide range of tinting options to suit individual preferences and requirements. Our advanced techniques, quality materials, and attention to detail ensure a flawless finish that enhances the aesthetics, privacy, and comfort of your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for UV protection, heat reduction, or glare reduction, we have the perfect solution for you.

24/7 Availability

We ensure our online availability 24/7 for you so that you can call our experts anytime to get an answer to your questions.

Customer Satisfaction

We go above and beyond to satisfy our customers completely, as our clients are our pride, and we leave no chance of complaints.

Quality Assurance

Being a reliable company, we provide 100% quality assurance of the car tint films to make you happy.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

The cost of car window tints in Dubai can vary depending on various factors such as the type of tint film, the size of the vehicle, and the complexity of the installation. Generally, prices can range from AED 300 to AED 1500 or more. It is advisable to contact us for free price quote and professional window tinting services in Dubai.

Tinting protects your privacy. Choose your protection level by tinting. Tinted windows protect your car’s interior from sunlight. Finally, try tinting your car windows. Always be the best. Tinting is expensive but really worth it.

A 50% tint on the front and rear windows is not considered legal. The UAE Traffic Law stipulates that the front windshield and front side windows must allow a minimum of 30% light transmission, while the rear windshield and rear side windows can have a tint of up to 50%.

3M tint cost in Dubai can be quite expensive, depending on the quality of the tint and the car. Expect to pay around 500-700 AED for a good-quality tint. For a higher quality tint, expect to pay around 850 AED. The price will also depend on the size of the car.