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How Much Does It Cost for Car Recovery in Dubai?

Cost for Car Recovery


The cost for car recovery depends on the issue or damage type. If the damage happened on the road and your car cannot move, nothing is worse than this breakdown to stop your day in its trail.

The problem can worsen by ringing the recovery service and waiting on the roadside for help. 

If you avoid minor damages and issues to your car, then with time, they become greater and greater and affect your car’s working poorly, and you will have to bear an expensive car recovery cost in case of escape from minor issues. Detecting and mending the issues at a reasonable cost and at the right time is wiser.


Major Factors that Affect The Cost for Car Recovery

The following are the factors that affect the cost for car recovery in Dubai in various ways:

  • Distance and location:

Distance is one of the significant reasons that affect the cost for car recovery . If your car is immobile due to some problem, you’ll need to tow your car to the repair shop, for which you’ll need a tow truck, and a tow truck will charge according to the distance and location.

Some places are risky or restricted, or a remote area like a national park will cost more to bring your car to the repair shop.

  • Time of the Day:

Another factor is the time of the day, whether it is a day or night. If you take your car to the repair shop at night or after-hours work, they will cost you an extra fee.

If the mechanics have to tow your car at night from a distance, they will add additional charges for carrying it. Tow trucks charge according to flat rate or hourly rate. Flat charges are for shorter routes, and hourly charges are for longer journeys.

  • Type of Towing:

It will take specialized tools to take your car out if it gets stuck in a ditch, off a steep area, and where it needs to be left at your destination.

And that raises the cost of your car recovery as it depends upon the type of towing necessary for your car. The following are the required towing types:

  1. Hook and Chain Towing
  2. Flatbed Towing

 Hook and chain towing costs you less than flatbed towing.

Type Of Damage Decides the Cost of Recovery

Your exposure to car recovery depends upon the type of damage. Here are the possible issues or damages:

  • Accident:

Road accidents are unfortunately common. Even if you’re driving with all the rules and regulations, accidents are possible due to the other driver’s carelessness. Accidents may cause tenders, window glass doors, and many other problems that demand recovery costs.

  • Car Engine Breaks Down:

Car engine breakdown causes your car to be stranded on the road; it needs to be repaired to work your car correctly. Moving your car with a dead engine is extremely difficult, so you must tow your car, which is included in the cost for car recovery with the engine.

  • Battery Dies:

In this modern era, most cars are working on batteries, and when their battery dies in the middle of the way, their car will also stop because battery power is fuel. You can deal with that issue with Auto jump starts, but you will need car recovery services if it doesn’t work. 

  • Tyre has Multiple Punctures:

It is common for a car to have a puncture. Car can move with a single puncture, but if you neglect that single puncture, then your car tyres can get multiple punctures that will make your car difficult to drive.

As punctures do not require expensive investment, if your car is stuck on a road due to a puncture, you will need car recovery services or towing trucks that will cost extra to your pocket.


From the above-discussed details, we conclude that your car recovery cost depends upon the sort of damage or issue. You should be prepared for these damages to get the solution timely, hire the car recovery services, tell them the problems you got, and reach the destination as soon as possible.

Car recovery costs vary in different world areas according to time, place and location.

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